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What to do?? 

When I sit down and play I really don't have any problems with coming up with ideas on my guitar, my problem is more in the lyrics, tho I know I should just write some weird stuff, but it's hard.

That's why it takes long to release a new single

The story of “Songs For Kelly”  

The story of “Songs For Kelly” 

I have been asked a lot of the Kelly album and who is Kelly, if she is a real person and all that, so I thought I would tell you about Kelly and the album. 

I had just slidt up with my girlfriend and to be honest I was feeling so low and down, that I hadn’t played the guitar for a long while and didn’t feel like I was any good. I went online and started to chat with this girl and she told me that she had a birthday coming up and I said I would write her a song, so I did the…

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My way of writing songs  

My way of writing songs are normally something I hear in movies or read, it can be a word that makes my mind think "now there's a good title for a song" and then I write it down and start working on it. The line or words are normally the title of the song, mainly to give me an idea of what I'm gonna write about.